I’m Rabi, a visual communicator having huge passion for branding, Typography and UX design. I am the Design director and founder of Rampant Art.

I have Nine years of experience in the field of designing. I am a minimalist who believes that less is more. Believe good design requires an idea that reflects the way you ruminate and believe. I create what you perceive, think what you haven’t even thought and See what you imagine. I can help you designing an interactive and concept based website or convert and upgrade your existing site.

Got a project in mind? I'd love to hear from you.

When it all started

The journey of being a designer started purely on the basis of passion and dedication towards designing. Talking about my qualifications, I had done my MFA from XYZ institution that boosted my knowledge in this field.

Rampant Art and Freelancing

Currently we are taking up new projects as freelancer. We are a team of talented designers who aims for one goal, to design ideas to completion. I personally work as a freelancer through Rampant art as well as overseeing team projects and collaborating with UX, Motion and Dev Freelancers on a wide variety of projects.

What I offer

I do freelancing through Rampant Art and I offer variety of services including, UI/UX and web designing. Typography is something I have expertise on. I also can help you to build a concept for your project. You can always access my recent work on Behance.

Life outside work

When I’m not working, I am a lover to my beloved wife. I love cricket, music, travelling, in sort I am living an active life.