Khud ka ब्रीफ

‌A designer by birth and creative by style and when these two things get mix together it result in something which I use to call ``Hatke Design`` !

I am a designer who has that thirst to create something exceptional that would leave  the viewers spell bound.  I had started with being  just a graphic designer  and I have now proliferate myself  into an artificer who can  synthesize a content  with a concept and make the creation a unique one. It’s not only the ample amount of work that I had done earlier but anything that comes my way, I still challenge myself to make it better than the last. I consider Typography is an key essence to take one’s designing skill to the next level and its always prominent in all my work (Folks call it MARKET TOD!!). what I had learned from my past experiences is that the more you enhance your research skill the more you will be able to save your time in terms of giving the best possible output, so I do research not to kill time but to save it. I am a competent person and I compete with myself. My work experience includes team management, client handling, maintaining co-ordination with other departments, conducting training session and of course designing (Websites, Mock Ups, Logos, branding, packaging,  Apps, UX, UI, Social Media Creative, games,  e-mailers, Motion graphics, Illustrations and evidently Typography ) and I am now 7 year old in this part of art and I do aspire to take my expertise a step ahead in my future endeavors.

My genes are formulated to be a pioneer in designing and I can’t help it!!